CFB Manufaktura is a company that is a General Contractor of modern industrial facilities, production and warehouse halls as well as office buildings. We are a company that also specializes in the most difficult investment tasks such as reconstruction and adaptation of existing facilities.

Our primary goal is to understand the needs of our customers. Both in terms of technical solutions of the implemented investments and expectations related to the budget of the planned investment. Thanks to our experience and resources, we are able to offer our clients dedicated optimal solutions as early as at the conceptual stage or further down the line at the design stage. Depending on the conditions of the investment available to the client, such as plot parameters, local development plan or limited time for the construction process, we are able to adjust the method of implementation of the investment to take full advantage of its potential, which directly translates into benefits for the Investor.

Depending on the requirements of the Investors, we conduct investments in the formula DESIGN and CONSTRUCT, where we deal with the entire investment process from the conceptual stage, through design, obtaining the necessary administrative and legal decisions and permits, the construction process, ending with obtaining for the Investor a decision on permission to use. At the request of the investor, we are also able to limit the scope of the project to the scope indicated by the client.